1 Apple = 2 Fish ? (how to keep a cut apple from changing colour)

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One of the most asked question on my blog is "how do you keep apple from browning?" You may have heard soking a cut apple in lemon water, orange juice, ginger ale or 7- up will do the trick. They all work! However, you may not have any of those in your kitchen. The easiest and cheapest way I found was using salt water. You have salt in your kitchen, do you? Soke apple slices in salt water (1 cup water/ 1 teaspoon salt) for half a minute will keep them from changing color. No, your apple won't tast salty! Don't worry about that ^,^ This trick also works on pear and pineapple!

This funny fish bone was cut from half an apple, and was held together by a pick. If you are giving this to a young kid, you may want to use juice box straw instead of pick or just place all the apple pieces on a plate. Those 3 bones in the middle of this fish could be replaced by cheese!

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