42 Candy Corn Ideas

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Here is a roundup of candy corns. Both edible and not edible!

- Candy corn macaron from Barbara Bakes

- Get the candy corn jello shot recipe from That's so Michelle
- Get the recipe of candy corn meringues from Cookbook Quees

- Learn how to make white chocolate macadamia cookies with these white chocolate candy corn M&M from Mom Endeavors.
- Candy corn pizza from Our Best Bites

- Learn how to make sitrus candy corn popsicles on My Recipes

- Candy corn marshmallow pops from Casa Sonrisa

- Candy corn cookies from Sweet Art Factory

- Candy corn puddings from Project Alicia Blog

- Learn how to make this candy corn cup cake at The Sugar Truntable

- Candy corn onigiri (rice ball) from Bento Anarchy

- Kisses candy corn pixies from Hersheys

- One more candy corn cup cake. This one is from Our Best Bites

- Get buttercream frosting recipe from Bee In Our Bonnet

- Candy corn pancake from Natalie's Sentiments

- Candy corn cheese cake from Wilton
Yum yum
- Candy corn pretzel from Your Home Based Mom
She also has a rice krispie candy cone!

- Candy corn pudding. Spotted on Craftster

- Candy corn sugar cookies from Kathie Cooks

- Candy corn freeze from Kaboose

- Candy corn rice crispy from Kraft Foods

- Find candy corn trifle recipe at Supermom's Eats and Neats

- A Halloween theme bento from Susan Yuen

- Homemade candy corn recipe from Serious Eats

- Candy corn cheese cake mousse from Glorious Treats

- Ghost!!! from Confections Of A Master Baker
How cute are these Candy corn ghosts!

- Candy corn jello from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

What you can do with candy corns:

- Make a Halloween wreath from Live It, Love It, Craft It
- Use them to decorate your hous: Woman's Day

Candy corns costumes:
- Homemade candy corn costumes for kids from Coolest Homemade Costume

- Candy corn nail art from Babbling Brooke. Step by step!

- Cutest candy corn costume for baby from Pretty Kitty Knitty City

- Candy corn hat from Disney

- Costume for toddler from Chica & Jo via So You Think You Are Crafty

- Candy corn necklac from meekssandygirl on Flickr

- Buy candy corn shoes at costumeexpress.com

- Candy corn dress for girl from Rainbows in Wonderland

- Candy corn scarf from Amlowi on Etsy ($15 USD)

- Kawaii baby hat from Queen on Heart on Baby Gaga

- Candy corn costume for dog from Little Dog Fashion. So cute! but it cost more then costumes for people!

- DIY candy corn treat bag from A Lemon Squeezy Home

It took me a few days to put all these together. Hope you enjoy this post! By the way, National Candy Corn Day is on Oct 30th. Don't forget to eat lots candy corns on that day ^,^

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