Fetus Cookie + Lots More Cookie Ideas for Baby Shower

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My best friend is having a baby shower next month, and I've been thinking if I should surprise ( or frighten) her with some home made fetus cookies. What do you think of this fetus cookie? funny? special? scarry? terrible idea? Would you like to have some cookies like this on your baby shower?

I got this fetus cookie cutter online. Can't really remember where, but I do remember this was one of the most expensive cookie cutter I've bought!

Ok, I know lots of you may hate the cookie I made. However, I'm sure you will all love these super cute cookies I found.

- From The Decorated Cookie
 - From Sweet Pudgy Panda
- From Ben Bakes
- From Sweetopia

- From Cancun Cookies

- From A Master Creation
- From Be A Cookie

- From Cookieartisan
- From Bake At 350

- From Cookies And Cream

- From Cookie Decorating
 - From Beau Coup
- Fronm Brown Eyed Baker

- From Sugar Envy
 - From Sugar Rush Treats
 - From I Am Baker
 - From Elizabeth
 - From Baking Land
- From Jessica Kirkland
 - From My Cookie Jar Inc.

- From The painted Cookie
 - From Songbird Sweets

- From Autumn Carpenter
- From Jennifer Sbranti

- From Munchkin Munchies

- From The Celebration Shoppe

Not cookies! I just love this idea so much. Cute, fun, easy and creative!!!
- From Creative Baby Shower Ideas

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