Candy Necklace

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This marshmallow necklace is one of the easiest project on this blog, and the whole thing is edible!

To make this necklace, you need: marshmallow, Candy Lace, and a pretty candy of your choice for decoration. Don't worry if you can't find the super long licorice laces, you can still use any string you can find in the house.

- Use straw to punch a hole on the marshmallow
- cut off the part with marshmallow inside ( cut off both side if you don't mind a piece of straw stay inside the marshmallow)

- feed the string through the straw

- remove the straw

- finally, use cookie icing to glue the candy on the marshmallow.

 Here is another one

You can add some fruit loops on the necklace, you can also use food writer to draw on the marshmallow. Just use your imaginations, you can create beautiful edible necklace too!
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