Stylish S'mores

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 I made these stylish s'mores for a play date, but they are not for the kids! Kids got regular s'mores with more marshmallows and chocolate. These stylish ones were for the moms. I think this is also a good dessert idea for baby shower or  slumber party for girls.

They are easy to make. Only take one extra step then making the old fashion kind.

*Each s'more needs: 3 and a half pink mini marshmallows ( cut in half), 2 graham crackers, 4 mini any color marshmallows and some mini chocolate chips.

*Arrange marshmallows and chocolate chips on the graham crackers
* Bake in 350 degree preheated oven ( I used toaster oven) for 4-5 minutes

* Immediately after you get them out of the oven, place those with flower on top of  those with chocolate chips, then press them down gently
* serve it hot or cold!

I also made a couple for St. Patrick's Day!
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