Hot Dog Caterpillar

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ewww.....I know, and I think so too! I am scared of any creatures on the ground with too little or too many legs. But trust me, boys love this! They will be more than happy to finish their snacks or breakfasts if they are served this way. I have seen quite a few hot dog caterpillars before. Some use seaweed for legs, some use pretzels and some has no legs. The one I'm showing you got ketchup legs! Making this caterpillar is quick and easy. You need to cook the wiener dog first, cut it in half, then cut the face and body. Don't have to make the eyes if you don't have much time, just draw some ketchup legs. ( It looks kinda scary without the eyes!)

- I used Swiss cheese and food marker to make the eyes.

So...what do you think? are you ready to eat your first caterpillar? How about making one for your boyfriend, husband or dad? They may like it too!

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